A pair of Good’s glasses is always the result of synergies, research and skill sharing.

By an accurate selection of biocompatible acetates by Mazzucchelli laboratories, by expert hands, through 60 processing steps, in Italy, Valle di Cadore, our glasses become real a particular care is taken, from the artifact to the packaging design and the case, with 100% eco-friendly products.

Eco-friendly Materials

We dedicate a great attention to the use of materials; GOOD’s glasses are produced in environmentally friendly materials.

Frames are exclusively produced in Mazzucchelli bio-acetate, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable, without chemical agglomerates, recognizable by the M49 acronym.

It is recyclable because it can be reworked with various technologies in a number of products; biodegradable because cellulose degrades rapidly in the environment as in nature and does not cause contact allergies.

While being a biomaterial, M49 keeps all the aesthetic characteristics of traditional acetate and, besides, its origin, partly natural, results evident to the touch, with a pleasant warm and silky effect, giving the wearer a better comfort, that only natural substances can give.

Beautiful and Well Done

Even for the packaging, bio materials will be used, following the philosophy based on the concept of beautiful & well made.

The exclusive Good's cases are made from Salpa, a material recycled from the processing of leather scraps, worked with water-based adhesives with added natural rubber, boasting a long lifespan because it is very durable and easy to clean.

The informative cards that tell the story of the glasses and all the printed materials are on natural Arena Fedrigoni papers made of pure ECF cellulose, FSC certified.

Lenses of Quality

GOOD’S employs BIO anti-reflective lenses, entirely made in Italy, thanks to the percentage of natural-origin carbon derived from the processing of castor oil.