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Cosenza C3

Cosenza C3

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Limited Edition 90 Pieces


Inspired by engineer Luigi Cosenza (1905 – 1984), exponent of rationalism, has its prerogative in the simplicity of the shape, intentionally reduced to essentiality. The absence of any concession to ephemeral and decoration makes these glasses the most stern and serious, yet the most modern.


The Cosenza model, square-shaped, has defined lines, but is not sharp-edged. It suits self-confident yet not rigid personalities, influential yet not domineering. Determined, but open-minded, therefore ready to look around and widen their horizons.


FRONT FRAME: its rectangular shape has rounded corners, making this model suitable both for round and square faces. Its rounded mill helps to smooth the square form, looking pragmatic yet not too stiff.

TEMPLES: thanks to the precision of the Italian craftsmanship expertise, this model – “sail” – is connected to the front frame by the insert in the acetate, conveniently milled with the Good’s brand in metal. The earpiece temple tip is pierced with an “o” of the Good’s brand.

ANIMA (core): visible from outside, silver or gold color, it reproduces the fluted pilasters of the Church of San Martino Charterhouse in Naples.


  • 100% handmade in Italy
  • Mazzucchelli M49 bio-acetate, polished by hand
  • Details are all milled and manufactured by hand, through 60 processing steps
  • Metal front rivet, silver or gold color reproduce the apostrophe taken from the Good’s logo
  • Anima (core) in metal, forged with a specific three-dimensional mold and inserted by hand in the temple
  • Nosepad, marked for a better fit
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