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di Giorgio C6

di Giorgio C6

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Limited Edition 90 Pieces

anima (core)

San Gregorio

The temple cores for this frame style feature the scale reproduction of the pilasters with alternating ashlars that adorn San Gregorio Armeno Church (XVI c.) in Naples.


Francesco di Giorgio might be among the artists with the most varied and lively talent of his time, bridging the gap between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
As an architect, engineer, painter, sculptor, and medalist, he contributed to the scientific development of key architectural innovations, especially in the
military. Di Giorgio Martini was in charge of assessing elaborate complexes of castles and fortifications in the territories of Federico da Montefeltro, modernizing those deemed improvable. He quickly established himself as the most authoritative exponent of Transitional Military Architecture, which aimed to meet the new military needs determined by early firearms. In addition to his work as an architect and military engineer, Francesco di Giorgio Martini is known for the “Treatise on Civil and Military Architecture” written during his stay at the Court of the Duchy of Urbino.


Bio-acetate: the frame is made of bio acetate M49 Mazzucchelli , fully recyclable and biodegradable, without chemical agglomerates to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Its natural origin is also apparent to the touch thanks to its pleasant, warm, and silky effect.

Frontal frame: the front design is inspired by military fortifications, resulting from di Giorgio Martini’s absolutely experimental and unique work. It reproduces the polygonal geometries typical of what has become known as modern fortification.

Temples: the oar-style temples owe their name to the shape that resembles a rowing oar. The earpiece temple tip is pierced with an “O” inspired by Good’s logo.

Personality: our di Giorgio frame style is dedicated to those who are not afraid of fashion statements and love experimenting with a bold look that nods to trends with a measured dose of irony.

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