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Havana Country Club M3

Havana Country Club M3

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Limited Edition 90 Pieces


The color is made up of two types of havana, the first with predominantly brown shades (M1, M4), the second with a dominance of red (M2, M3) and are inspired by the brick and terracotta colors with which the buildings.


The color havana refers to the Cuban city, with two possibilities of shades, brown and red, deriving from brick and terracotta, used on a large scale for the construction of the School of Ballet and Music. Just as that project was the result of a process of analyzing the cultural, historical, geographic, social, political and artistic context, so this color is aimed at thoughtful and shrewd people who make decisions starting from the analysis of the context in which they live.



Biocetate: The acetate slabs are made by Mazzucchelli laboratories, exclusively for Good’s, following the creative project for both the colors and the shape of the slabs.The bio-acetate sheet is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, it does not cause contact allergies and its natural origin is also revealed to the touch with a pleasant “warm and silky effect”.

Front: He havana plate with soft brown tints, makes the frame brighter and the appropriately made millings make the glasses take on multiple intensities of color, capturing the light in a different way depending on the thickness of the plate.

Temples: The front part is in metal while the back in acetate with the reproduction of the perforated “o”, taken from Good’s logo, in the terminal part. Thanks to a slot in the acetate and a screw it is possible to adjust the length of the temples.

Soul: The decoration of the soul reproduces architectural elements in scale taken from the fluted pilasters of the church of the Charterhouse of San Martino in Naples. (17th century).

Hinge: The new exclusive hinge created by Good’s, inspired by the UPN metal beam used in architecture, completely crosses the acetate nose, becoming a decorative frieze on the front, and is anchored with two side screws that allow greater stability and ease of replacement.


  • 100% handmade in Italy
  • Mazzucchelli M49 bio-acetate, polished by hand
  • Details are all milled and manufactured by hand, through 60 processing steps
  • Nosepad pronounced for a better fit
  • Metal front rivet, golden color reproduce the apostrophe taken from the Good’s logo
  • Anima (core) in metal, forged with a specific three-dimensional mold and inserted by hand in the temple
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