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Leonardo C4 Sunglasses

Leonardo C4 Sunglasses

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Limited Edition 90 Pieces


This frame style is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous drawing: the Vitruvian Man, representing the harmonious union of art and science. The human body, inserted into a circle and asquare, symboling Universe and the Earth, comes proportionally into contact with the two shapes, embodying the perfection of man’s creation.

Anima (core)

The temple cores for this frame style feature the scale reproduction of the pilasters with alternating ashlars that adorn San Gregorio Armeno Church (XVI c.) in Naples.


Frontal frame: this frame combines the circular shape of the lenses with a rectangular bridge and half- circle nose, a reference to the two geometric shapes portrayed in Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man.

Temples: the the temples for this style feature a metallic front and are length-adjustable thanks to a designated slot performed in the acetate and a specific screw.

Joint: the the exclusive joint created by Good’s, inspired by the UPN metal beams used in architecture, completelycrosses the acetate nose, serves as a decorative frieze
on the front, and is anchored with two side screws that
allow greater stability and easy replacement.

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