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Palladio C3 Sunglasses

Palladio C3 Sunglasses

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Limited Edition 90 Pieces


Inspired by the famous Venetian architect Andrea Palladio, who used the elements of classicism to which he was attached-columns, pronaos, tympanums, statues, staircases, porticoes-without falling into the artifact, into the alien to the time and environment in which the building was to be born and which he carefully studied as part of the project, creating autonomous, harmonious, balanced, and highly distinguishable organisms that have become famous throughout the world


The Palladio model is aimed at those who prefer elegant lines and stately appearance, and thus a fundamental simplicity and balance in forms that reflect the way of being.


BIOACETATE: The frame is made of Mazzucchelli M49 bioacetate, 100% recyclable and biodegradable, without chemical agglomerates to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Its natural origin is also revealed to the touch with a pleasant warm and silky effect.

FRONT: the eyewear is based on an iconic shape from the 1970s revisited in a modern key, true to Palladio's style, a shape inherited from the past but dropped into contemporary reality was used.

TEMPLES : "sail" model, takes its name from the shape that resembles the tiller of a rudder. The perforated "o", taken from Good's logo, is reproduced at the end.


  • 100% handmade in Italy
  • Hand-polished Mazzucchelli M49 bio acetate
  • All milling, polishing and detail work is done by hand through 60 steps
  • Metal front embellisher in silver or gold color reproduces the apostrophe taken from Good's logo
  • Metal core made with special three-dimensional mold and inserted by hand inside the rod
  • Optimized nose pad pronounced to ensure a better fit
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